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Safety Through Insights 

Building a Data-Driven Culture

Leveraging Enhanced Risk Management for Superior Insurance Outcomes

Risk management is at the heart of all construction projects, given their complex and challenging nature. Today, the vast amount of data available to us offers unprecedented opportunities for effective construction risk management. Yet, many companies are not fully leveraging this potential to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Watch this on-demand webinar from Procore Risk Advisors where we will dive into how customers are utilizing data to influence their decisions and foster a culture of safety. We'll shed light on the concept of safety as a flywheel, demonstrating how continuous access to and use of relevant information can enhance your risk management and insurance programs.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance and benefits of data-driven risk management in the construction industry.
  • Learn practical ways to leverage data for making informed decisions and enhancing safety measures.
  • Explore how building a culture of safety can be fostered through the continuous collection and analysis of relevant information.
  • Discover how enhanced risk management programs contribute to better insurance terms for tech-enabled contractors.



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Kris Lengieza, VP, Global Partnerships & Alliances, Procore


Peter O'Brien, General Manager, Procore Risk Advisors


Chase C. Leist, CPCU, Director of Insurance & Risk Management, HITT Contracting







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